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REEAX is a joint venture between Ax-Stream and REEA.NET

Ax-Stream is the world’s biggest Axure training and support partner. For a decade, and working in over 20 countries, they have been thought leaders in software engineering methodology for medium to enterprise scale projects. Specifically, optimising bespoke software engineering through the use of Advanced Prototyping and modelling techniques.

REEA.NET are a large scale bespoke software engineering company with nearly 20 years global experience in building complex, enterprise scale applications, on all the common technology platforms. Specifically, REEA.NET are the kind of people who will skip lunch to get the job done, and have a passion for technology and everything that it can do for your business.

We have worked together over the last 5 years to build an integrated machine capable of optimising besoke software engineering. On our jouney we have worked with over 100 blue customers. We’d love you to become another.

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